Paddy + Minka


Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 3.03.42 pm




It started with morning rain and mist. Clement and I sipped our coffees home wondering if the weather will get better. It was one of those days where it did.

The rain stopped by noon and never came back again that day. 

We were left with a perfect moody, cloudy day, and these two positively warm souls, Paddy & Minka, in the cold month of June, in our enchanting Blue Mountains, Australia.

Not a drop of rain lingered, as though it was meant to be. The couple exchanged their vows, on a balcony overlooking a valley, surrounded by family and friends of theirs, who were locally-far such as Tasmania and from as internationally-far as Ireland. And everyone dined, drank and danced into the night in a charming Blue Mountains wedding venue.

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