Let it Unfold…

Welcome to the New Year angels! I’m sorry I’ve been quiet over the holiday season. I needed time off from social media and dressing up for photographs, to just lounge in my PJs and bathers with my family.

I’m applying my philosophy in fashion, ie. slow and sustainable, to my lifestyle too this year. With everything else, I’m just going to let it unfold…

I’m very excited to share this collaboration with you because this team is wonderfully waste-conscious and artistic. Based in one of the busiest commercial hub in the world, Hong Kong, they source deadstock clothing, deconstruct it and reconstruct them into some ground breaking, and extremely wearable designs.

I’m sharing some styling ideas for 3 of their pieces: the Heidy shirt, the Jasmine shirt, and the Flounce Jumpsuit. 

If you’re looking for office wear with a creative flair, or the perfect, constructed White Shirt, I highly encourage you to look no further than Unfold Attire.


emptyname_2 copy-minemptyname_22-minemptyname_21-min

emptyname_3-minemptyname_4-minemptyname_17 2-minemptyname_20-mindsc03686 copy-mindsc03739-mindsc03700-mindsc03678 copy-min

Look 1: The Jasmine Shirt, earrings: The Traveller Series Shop

Look 2: Flounce Jumpsuit, earrings: Iron & Bone Jewellery

Look 3: The Heidy Shirt, earrings: Maison de Femmes, skirt: Aulieude

Photography: Exposure Latitude

Cosmetics sponsored by ZUII Organic.

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