Iron & Bone




The women of today are headstrong,

The women of today are breadwinners, caregivers and survivors.

The women of today look after their temples and love dressing for the occasion.

The women of today are versatile; menswear became womenswear and we can wear pants one day and a dress the next without forgoing class and style.

The women of today know that versatile pieces of jewellery will take their clothes further.

The owners of Iron & Bone are women of today. Using ethically sourced gold and  farmed freshwater pearls (so marine life can have more salt water oysters for themselves). Instead of using plastic pearls, the shells are also used to craft faux pearls so no part goes to waste, they show kindness and thought by making a more eco-conscious choice. If you’re going to dress yourself in something extravagant why not make sure it’s environmentally conscious too. Because we’re the women of today, and we carry ourselves with ‘refinement and edge’.

Photography by Clement Duliege

Styling by Tiffany Teoh

In-frame The Fashionable Thinker

Jewellery by Iron & Bone. 

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