Something Blue in the Blue Mountains

You don’t need to travel far to be somewhere new. It was a long weekend for us in Australia. My husband texted me on Friday afternoon that we should go somewhere. By somewhere he meant an hour’s drive to Cool River in search of a place we had been to before.

I just upcycled a new outfit that channeled island vacation vibes. My housemate was cleaning out her closet and said that I could take anything I felt like I could remake. So I did! I made a bralette and a bag from a dress and slashed a slit in a white linen skirt because slits forever!






We were searching for a specific spot by Colo River. On New Year’s Day 2016, this is where Clem and I went to spend the first day of that new year. The night before, as they were the crowd was counting down to midnight, he got down on one knee and asked me for the second time if I would marry him. He asked a few times because he said he wanted to be sure my answer was going to always and forever be a “yes”. We were only 2 months into dating at this stage.

Fast forward to October 2018, we went in search of this same secluded spot, this time married and with a dog we adopted along our travels. It was both spiritual and emotional being in the same place we once visited and seeing that it hasn’t changed, and to see how far we’ve come as a couple. The place was beautiful, almost untouched by man; with sandy riverbanks and clear cool waters that it felt like a beach. My man was all smiles which lit up my heart and our dog was off on his own exploration.



One response to “Something Blue in the Blue Mountains”

  1. clement duliege Avatar
    clement duliege

    Awesome post my love ❤

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