WAMA Underwear: Hemp Underwear

DSC_9375 copy
“Hemp fabric is naturally anti-microbial, anti-bacterial with anti-odor properties, wicks away sweat and is super breathable.” 
For WAMA, it made sense to use hemp in fabric for underwear. From seed to textile, hemp is more sustainable than wool, bamboo, and even organic cotton. I personally find it feels like air, the fabric is indeed breathable and soft on the skin. Their capsule designs skims and fit the body well. This blend of hemp and cotton is so breathable it can be loungewear paired with a white tee, are there any hemp white tees on the market?
 WAMA is a fell good sounding word, WA is a sound one makes when they’re surprised, and hemp translates to MA (麻). You more about how that came about here: https://wamaunderwear.com/blogs/news/why_wama
They launched a Kickstarter in October 2017.
We and WAMA want to share just how underrated hemp is. They’ve mentioned the idea of bringing out more designs in the future. I’m looking forward to seeing what else they will incorporate hemp in.
Self-portrait by Clement Duliege.
Styling by Tiffany Teoh.

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