Mokosh’s Beauty Serum for Dry Skin



This is hands down the most beautiful oil that I’ve ever had the privilege of feeding my skin. It’s my favourite product so far because it’s evened out my freckles/pigmentations and my skin has survived the Australian dry, winter without flaking even once! I wish I had known all those years that water based moisturisers were not performing just as well for me. I would have made the swap years ago!

I’ve been using this pure oil, beauty serum daily for the past 5 months. I received a few comments about putting oils on your skin but this beauty oil has not given me a single breakout! It’s like it was made to be in tuned with my skin and health. My skin just bonded with it so well! Almost like it was a natural phenomenon. The serum’s nourishing properties have been specially formulated to naturally give your skin that protection and nourishment that helps it repair itself. I don’t think I can live without this serum anymore. So just a fair warning, you will be hooked.



But it’s okay to be hooked on a small business brand that’s both sustainable and ethical in their processes. From sourcing to formulating, to production and packaging, Mokosh has thought of it all. They even use paper tape in their shipping boxes. I follow them on Instagram @mokoshskincare, where they share more about their thoughtful day-to-day business running.

So back to this serum, Mokosh has two beauty serums, one for oily skin, and another for dry more mature skin. My skin is not at that mature age yet, but it definitely suffers in Australia’s dry climates. Winters in Melbourne used to cause my skin and lips to turn red and flake from wind burn and the cold.

I only noticed this year that I did not have those problems despite living in our van while exploring Australia’s deserts in winter. I normally use this serum once a day, usually at the end of the day after my shower. Very occasionally do I find the need to use it twice a day, depending on my activities of the day and where I am.


And while this serum is packed with yummy oils, it’s free of palm oil, the most habitat destructive crop on our planet. Thank you Mokosh, for creating a pure and natural serum that not only works, but also gives organic farmers wages, and to show the beauty industry that there are other really good alternatives to using palm oil and preservatives.

Thank you to the makers of Mokosh for creating something beautiful that makes me look and feel beautiful. Visit to find their curated catalogue, with sample packs that start at $12. I’m using their Raspberry and Pomegranate Beauty Serum for my dry skin.

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