Etta Collective: Vintage for the Modern Woman

I fell in love with the beautiful Etta Collective collection when it was only a month old! Despite only just launching a few weeks ago I could see so much thought and beauty in Holly’s handmade pieces.

Etta Collective’s online store was launched at the beginning of June 2018, so it hasn’t been around for long, yet it is growing, and growing fast!


The name Etta is French and the translation implies ‘a woman who rules’. Owner and Director, Holly didn’t know it at the time, but when one of her friends pointed it out, the name came to stay.


“It was so fitting! It was as if I was meant to choose this name as I always wanted Etta to be an empowered space for women who love themselves and know what they want.”

When asked what inspired Holly to give new life to vintage pieces, she replies, “I’ve always been obsessed with all things vintage, I love the look and feel of finding a beautiful vintage piece and giving it a new life. As I matured and became more aware of environmental issues I knew it would be a good idea to rework vintage jewels, reusing resources and products which are already in circulation. Fast fashion is such an problem and I didn’t want to feed into that with what I create, so reusing jewellery that was already out there was the perfect solution.”

One of the challenges Holly faces is finding the perfect vintage pieces to rework and that would also flatter her customers.

But that’s one of the amazing things about buying vintage, the hunt to find that perfect item and when you find it, it’s such a good feeling.

Etta’s pieces are sustainable in many aspects, they’re vintage, they’re handmade, and they’re slow made.

There is a main collection on Etta, that I create by hand. These jewels are all created with gold sourced from local sellers, as shipping items from overseas contributes to air pollution, so I try to buy as local as possible.

Every item of jewellery on Etta is made by Holly’s magical hands herself! Her daily routine is sitting down in her studio and crafting beautiful jewels. It usually takes her around 15minutes to finish one piece of jewellery.

Because Holly works with very fine chains and jewels, it can be tricky, but the end results are so stunning. “It’s totally worth it!” Holly tells me.

And she does everything herself! From creating the website, to photography (with bit of help from her boyfriend), running social media, crafting the jewels, sourcing materials, packaging and posting.

“It can take up a lot of time and sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed, especially as I am in my third year of a degree on top of running Etta.”

It’s amazing to think Etta hasn’t even been open 2 months yet and they already have such amazing supporters! It just goes to show how far talent and a good heart can take you. Next, Holly is looking at selling at independent craft markets around the U.K. while making more beautiful designs and growing Etta Collective as a business, as well as a little community of jewellery and vintage lovers.

“Etta wouldn’t be anywhere without all it’s lovely followers, so I just want to keep making jewels that everyone loves.”

I’m wearing the Pearla Ear Threaders from Etta Collective.

Dress is vintage and available from my online shop, The Traveller Series.

Do check us out on Instagram:


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