Mokosh Makeup Remover & Cleansing Oil: A Natural Way to Cleanse your Skin


This is my third product from Mokosh that I’m reviewing and I think you’ll be hearing more about this brand from me because I am in love with their range and their beliefs on sustainability and beauty. To celebrate natural beauty and the products that aid it, I went make-up free for this shoot.

I swapped my eyeshadows to ones with natural minerals and pigments. It only made sense to then use a makeup remover that was natural and sustainable too. Thankfully, I came across Mokosh and they had a generous sized bottle of beautiful plant based oils that works as a makeup remover and a cleanser!

“Many of us grew up with the idea that the antidote to dirt and oil on our skin is good old-fashioned soap, or at least a liquid detergent cleanser that leaves our skin feeling squeaky clean. It makes sense. Soaps and detergents destroy bacteria, dissolve oil and wash away dirt. They do that very well. The only problem is that they don’t stop with the excess oil and dirt, they can also attack the oils and proteins on our living skin. These specialised oils and proteins make up our skin’s all-important barrier that keeps water in our body, and bacteria and irritants out. Overuse of detergents can also disturb our skin’s microbiome, increasing the risk of skin problems. ”

“The truth is that any detergent has the potential to harm the relatively sensitive skin on our face. The result of damaging our skin’s barrier can vary from the development of dry, flakey skin, to the onset of red, inflamed and itchy skin that we know as eczema. ”

-Marion O’Leary, Founder of Mokosh



For you lovelies with oily skin that are concerned about cleansing your face with oils, we’ll help shed some light to the oils myths and facts. The fact is not all oils are suitable for skin cleansing. One time my husband was using olive oil to hydrate his face and it just caused an eruption of acne. The truth is, oils like olive oils and coconut oils are high in monounsaturated fatty acids and may not bind very well with sebum (oils secreted by your skin) and can in fact lead to increased sebum production. I have an oily T-zone myself and I used to constantly rinse my face with water in my teenage years to reduce blemishes.

If you’re still concerned, then you will need to read this short extract from Mokosh’s blog, written by the founder of Mokosh, Marion O’Leary. Every founder would say amazing things about their products, but given Marion’s background as a former veterinarian, pathologist and medical scientist, coupled with her passion for all things organic, cruelty-free and palm-oil free, her words hold their weight in extensive research and honesty.

“Oil cleansing will benefit oily skin because (i) it helps to keep your pores clear, and pore blockage is one of the main causes of acne (read more here) , (ii) it helps remove excess sebum without damaging your skin’s barrier. We talk about how a damaged skin barrier can also contribute to the development of acne here. (iii) if you oil cleanse with the right oils, you can actually help reduce the amount of sebum produced by oily skin. Oils abundant in linoleic acid not only help restore the skin’s barrier, they can also regulate the amount of sebum your skin produces, and have also been shown to reduce the size of microcomedones, or blackheads. We discuss this in our acne blog here.”

A bit about me: I live a pretty nomadic life with my husband, moving around frequently. This year we seem to be moving on a monthly basis. Because of this lifestyle, I started reevaluating my belongings and necessities so I could cut back and start adopting a minimalist way of living. I purchased a road bike and sold my car, I can fit all of my clothes into a backpack and I only wear jewellery that has been gifted and has sentimental value.


I’ve even started transitioning my beauty products into products that offer more uses and of higher quality. I swapped hand creams, foot creams, and body moisturisers to Mokosh’s Sesame & Frankincense Body Oil, which blogged about here. I stopped acquiring single-use face masks and tubs of exfoliators and instead use Mokosh’s 3-1 Facial Cleanser, Exfoliator and Mask, which I’ve also blogged about here. I’ve also swapped facial moisturisers and leave-in hair treatments for Mokosh’s Beauty Serum which I will blog more about in the future. And I no longer need separate cleansers and makeup removers I’ve essentially gone from at least 9 products to just 4!

Each bottle also comes in generous portions and will last me till the end of the year at the rate I’m using them. Furthermore the bottles are recyclable and I don’t even need cotton pads for my makeup remover because the oil is viscose enough for me to massage on my face without it running down to my neck. It’s beauty that’s essentially zero-waste too!

You can find out more about Mokosh and their products here.

Photography by Clément Duliège


Product: Mokosh

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