Mokosh’s 3-in-1: An Exfoliator That’s Safe for Our Oceans

One of the beautiful things about this product is that since there aren’t any plastic particles, synthetic ingredients and preservatives, I can use when we’re out camping because the ingredients can safely and peacefully return to the Earth where they came from.  If you follow my instagram @thetravellerseries, you may have noticed that my lifestyle has me constantly moving especially into places with beautiful nature. Just like you wouldn’t create a mess at someone’s home that you’re a guest at, I believe we should treat Nature the same way when we visit Her.




I used to use exfoliators with microbeads in them. Until I found out that those microbeads were little particles of plastic that ended up in our oceans and get eaten by fish that we then eat. So I gave those up, though I was happy to as I found they didn’t provide the quality of exfoliation I needed and was drying to my skin. Then I made my own exfoliator out of oatmeal, tea tree oil and brown sugar. But this meant keeping my exfoliator in a fridge, something we don’t always have while travelling. So I’m really happy to have found Mokosh’s 3-in-1 Cleanser, Exfoliator and Mask.


It’s gentler on my skin than my home made exfoliator and works wonders on it. There was one day where Darwin had a sudden weather change from dry air to humid air and I skin reacted badly to that change. My skin was producing more oil than normal that day and left a layer of stickiness which I made me feel sluggish. I quickly took my half teaspoon of this exfoliator in powder form, mixed it with water and did a quick 10 minute mask. It left my skin clean and soft for my date with my husband that evening. And my skin stayed fresh for the next few hours after that!






The directions indicate to use a teaspoon amount and mix with with water to form a paste, however I found even half a teaspoon to be enough to lightly exfoliate my facial skin. I use this once a week and it has never failed to leave my skin feeling nourished, refreshed and most of all, soft and treated.

This cleanser, exfoliator, and treatment mask is part of their facial routine package. The next steps are their toner and moisturiser which I cannot wait to try! You can find out more about Mokosh and their products at



Photographer: Clément Duliège

Dress & Hat: ONIHO

Location: Darwin, Northern Territory
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