Bicycle and Bougainvilleas



I got a new bike recently and I just love it! I got it secondhand, off a girl who bought it brand new and just never bothered riding it out. We couldn’t believe how shiny and perfect it was when we picked it up. I just loved her immediately.


She’s a 7 speed road bike, one of those thin wheel, light-weight ones, with a vintage inspired look. Yeah it was love at first sight. I adore vintage looking bikes but they can be clunky and heavy.


We rode to the shops today, coincidentally on Earth Day and passed by this bougainvillea bush and I couldn’t resist asking my husband to take some photographs.


Considering I gave up learning to ride a bike at 18 and only really learnt to ride again at the age of 24, I guess I can feel proud of myself. You know what? I do feel proud. 🙂


Photographer: Clément Duliège

Top: Thrifted from Vinnies

Shorts: Upcycled from my husband’s old jeans



Bicycle: Reid Cycles

Location: City of Palmerston, Northern Territory

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