6 Reasons to go to Gili Trawangan

If you’re on instagram, you’ve probably seen photos of babes in bikinis, sitting on swings in the sea, looking out to the horizon. Yes those swings are pretty cool. But you don’t normally get to chill on the swing all evening to look out at the horizon. There’s usually a few minutes allocated per person so they can take their instagram photos and the next one will claim their turn. they do make cool photos though, but I want to share with you some other cool reasons why you should visit this eco-conscious island of Gili Trawangan.


  1. The Sunsets. I love sunsets; the poetry of the skies. Islands give the best panoramic sunset views and Gili Trawangan is not one to be excluded. We initially decided to spend 1-2 days there as it was rainy season and we didn’t think we’d enjoy it that much. Luckily our decision to stay on the 3rd day was rewarded by incredible clouds and a gorgeous glow.
  2. The Cycling. For those that don’t cycle fear not, you can get around by horses too or just walking. I loved that this island is a no motor vehicle island. That means no cars, no motorbikes, basically nothing that runs on petrol. There were some electric bikes around but most people would rent standard bicycles. There are also bicycles with larger wheels so you can pedal on the sandy beaches.
  3. Turtles! No photos here, as we don’t have an underwater camera but we went snorkeling during low tide and saw a few not too far from the shore. They are pretty big too and so beautiful to watch.
  4. Lovely Locals. Shop keepers and restaurant staff told us the best spots for turtle finding. They even told us the right times to find them! Those that organise snorkelling trips and boat trips would lie to you and say you can’t see turtles around the island, don’t believe them! Just ask anyone else that isn’t working for a boat company or tour group and they’ll point you in the right direction. Also girls, I know it’s great to feel liberated and that bikinis may seem beach appropriate, but just remember it is not the culture of Indonesians to bare skin, so keep yourselves covered if you’re not swimming. I mean you wouldn’t want your own man oggling some other half naked lady right?_DSC5747
  5. Shrooms, if that’s your thing. Mushroom shakes are easy to find, in fact they’re not discreet at all.
  6. Island life. Island life is slow, peaceful and beautiful. You wake up with the sun, go for a swim, maybe lie down on the sand to sun bathe, and watch the sunset over the horizon. It’s my favourite kind of lifestyle.

We went to Gili Trawangan during the monsoon season. It did rain on a daily basis but we were still able to enjoy snorkeling, sunbathing, cycling and banana shakes by the beach. We were able to rent bicycles for 30,000 IDR per day since it was also low season. Normally they cost 50 -60k IDR for your standard bikes.

2 responses to “6 Reasons to go to Gili Trawangan”

  1. Sounds awesome, we like the idea of a no traffic island, and we’d love to see turtles too. It’s on our list now thanks 😊

    1. It was really lovely indeed being there. Turtles are almost a guaranteed, you can even see them from shore when they resurface for air. They are beautiful!

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