We-Resonate: A Sustainable Alternative to Commercial Fashion








This collaboration is really special to me. It’s not just a collaboration between a luxury brand with beautiful beliefs, it’s also a collaboration between my husband and I, combining two of our passions: photography and fashion. That’s why I’m really excited to share this post about an emerging, sustainable London-based brand, We-Resonate with photographs by my Clément Duliege, shot in Lombok , Indonesia.

What is We-Resonate?

We-Resonate is an elegant & sustainable alternative to commercial fashion, a kinder approach to celebrating luxury & individuality. Each Ready-to-Wear piece is the only one of its kind, crafted out of rare, vintage silks that were hand selected & quality screened by the Creative Director herself, Lizzie Clark. This makes each of their pieces truly artisanal and kind towards our environment.

What Makes Them Sustainable?

We-Resonate’s sustainability lies in their ‘Triple Sustainable’ stance. Purchasing from We-Resonate helps to reduce the production of new materials, reduce textile waste, as well as nourishing a small business that supports a fair-work place.

They bypass the fabric making, dying, etc. processes (along with the social & environmental issues that come with them) by ethically sourcing existing silk fabrics. Each fabric is selected for their colour compositions & artistic prints and created by their small, fairly paid team of seamstresses.

About the Director

I love seeing women in business. From pioneering the trends that celebrate the freedom of femininity, to creating them, our gender has come a long way in our quest for gender equality; our foremothers of the 1920s would be so proud.

Lizzie is the Creative Director and owner of We-Resonate and she is no exception to these groups of pioneers. Her experiences in the fashion industry started in 2008, initially working as a scarf designer in New York. A silk print artist by trade, she was selling her original creations to high street brands before working in the industry. “I was essentially an artist selling original artworks for less than the living wage, but it was the most satisfying work I have ever done.”
“I have always wanted to work in the sustainable fashion industry”, she says, “and after years of working on the commercial side, I decided I finally had the experiences and wisdom, to make my vision a reality. It was also around the same time I became a mother.”
 We-Resonate began after the birth of her daughter, Elsie.  Lizzie started thinking about the sort of world that we live in today, and the sort of world she wanted for Elsie. The fashion world has long caused human & environmental suffering, when it shouldn’t have to.
Leaving her previous job as Senior Print Designer at Alexander McQueen to focus on being both a mother & an ethical designer, Lizzie initially started making silk print clothes for herself. After realising there was such a large gap in the demand & supply of reasonably priced, luxury clothing she decided to make her creations available for those who seek within that gap.

“I feel like I’m breaking stereotypes, and that I’m able to make a small but sure difference to the world through my creations.”


We-Resonate launches in March this year and will feature Lizzie’s first collection, only available online. Her beliefs in consciously made fashion, is reflected in her brand. “We are doing things efficiently and mindfully to ensure we build a well grounded brand.”

While her first collection this March, will feature an array of elegant silk print dresses and tops, Lizzie is already planning We-Resonate’s next steps for the future, particularly for the colder seasons, to include sustainable wool and other vintage fabrics as well.

We are very excited to share We-Resonate’s collection with the you. Do give their site a visit at www.we-resonate.com and we hope that you find a piece that “resonates” with you.


Photographer: Clément Duliège

Dress: We-Resonate

Do check us out on Instagram.

One response to “We-Resonate: A Sustainable Alternative to Commercial Fashion”

  1. Tiffany you’re a star. Such a pleasure to collaborate with and thanks for being so professional. Your words are perfect and so we’ve featured them on our website with credit to you. Please thank your husband, you’re a great team. Looking forward to collaborating again sometime, or meeting when you’re in London perhaps! Best wishes, L

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